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In our busy lives we rarely take the time to indulge in some ‘me time.’ Complementary therapies are excellent in helping the body repair itself from everyday stresses, and allow you time to to relax.

Our aim is provide a tailored treatment for every individual. A detailed consultation is taken at your first treatment in order to identify your specific requirements. A knowledge of a wide range of complementary therapies and techniques allows for a more complete adaptable treatment, targetting the client's need.

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Swedish Massage

Full body Swedish massage including face, tummy, hands and feet.

Pregnancy Massage

A deeply relaxing massage that can be done after the first trimester. Great for helping backaches, easing anxiety and insomnia.

Indian Head Massage

Concentrating on the head neck and shoulder. Great for relieving tensions from working at a desk.

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment works deep into the muscle. Is suited for sports injuries and to aid recovery from exercise.


This treatment helps the body to heal itself by working on points in the feet that directly relate to areas in your body.

Pregnancy Reflexology

A specialised treatment working specific areas relating to all aspects of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and the post natal period.

Myofacial Release

A gentle, yet deep, technique where gentle sustained pressure is applied to the body. Great to help eliminate pain and restore motion.


A highly relaxing and healing treatment based on the principle of channeling energy to help restore physical and emotional well being.


Single Treatment Prices

£60 (60 minutes); £80 (90 minutes)


Buy 3 treatments in advance and get 10% off
Buy 6 treatments in advance and get 15% off


60 mins - £60


3 x 60 mins - £162 (£54 per treatment)
6 x 30 mins - £306 (£51 per treatment)

90 mins - £80


3 x 90 mins - £216 (£72 per treatment)
6 x 90 mins - £408 (£68 per treatment)

Packages of 3 treatments to be used within 6 months of purchase
Packages of 6 treatments to be used within 10 months of purchase

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